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Carpet Cleaning Services in Scotland


While you may have chosen carpets because they can be very hard wearing, don't forget that they suffer daily abuse from dirty feet, pets, and accidental spills. A regular vacuuming regime will be able to tackle much of the grime, but every now again consider treating your carpets to the care and attention of a professional team.

Of course you have the option of hiring some equipment and undertaking the task yourself. But why would you bother, when you can call 0131 608 4724 and let someone more experienced tackle the job?

When it comes to carpet cleaning in , rest assured CleaningServices is a renowned provider. We've been helping residential and commercial customers in the area for many years. Our technicians work with pizazz and zeal to quickly restore the brightness and definition of your carpets, leaving them looking almost like new. Book our services on a regular basis, or get in touch when you need an emergency solution for bothersome stains.

Carpet Cleaners in Who Have Skill and Expertise to Share

You'll be very pleased to know that our carpet cleaners can be booked for a day and at a time that suits your schedule. Don't worry if you'd rather we came at the weekend or even bank holidays, because this is possible with no extra charge. Booking any of our services is so quick and easy, it'll only take a few minutes of your time. Call 0131 608 4724, or go online 24/7. Alternatively, you can complete our handy contact form, and we'll make sure we call you back. Take advantage of our sterling service. It offers the following:

  • A FREE quote can always be requested, with no further obligation

  • Our same-day service will solve the problem of unexpected spills

  • We'll treat your property and possessions with the same care we'd afford our own - but for further assurance, everything will be covered by our company insurance<

  • Our cost-effective carpet cleaning service is suitable for properties of all shapes and sizes

  • We make good use of 'green' cleaning products, because we care about the health and safety of our customers, as well as the environment

  • Book a combination of services, for example oven cleaning and domestic cleaning, to enjoy extra savings

Carpet Cleaning Services in From a Highly Skilled Team

Hot water extraction is the method we use for cleaning wool and synthetic carpets, because it allows us to clean deep into the fibres and successfully remove dirt, dust and stains. As the name implies, it involves injecting hot water deep into the pile, and then extracting it along with any grime. The latest equipment forms a vital part of our cleaning arsenal, along with some of the best products available in the industry today. Added to all this sterling equipment are the skills of our highly trained team.

The Way It Works

The first step when you express an interest in our carpet cleaning services, will be for us to send someone round to your property. This way we can be accurate in the prices we quote, as we've had the opportunity to gauge the level of staining, and accurately estimate what it will take to make your carpets clean again. When it comes to the cleaning process we'll initially give your carpets a thorough vacuum - carefully removing any loose particles. High traffic areas or bad stains will be pre-treated to aid in their successful removal.

Building dust. Stains. Dirt patches. High traffic areas. They can all be taken care of as part of your comprehensive carpet cleaning service – book us in today!

Why do you need to hire professionals to treat your floor coverings? Because regular vacuuming just isn’t enough. In most cases the undesirable elements you want gone are embedded deep in the pile of your carpet or rug. And therefore they can only be removed with the specialist tools that the experts we work with have at their disposal – they’re suitable for both natural and artificial fibres.

Some of the areas we cover

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